What are the best baby girl bedding

Whether you’re expecting or already have that special little someone one thing is for certain. Everyone wants the best for their baby and comfort is often the number one importance. Crib bedding is incredibly important for any baby -especially newborns. Any discomfort crib sheets cause makes all the difference in a good night sleep. By choosing the right sheets both you and your baby can avoid waking up throughout the night.

Baby girl bedding

A Full set of Baby bedding for girls – Including a few pony toys!

There are so many choices for baby bedding it can really be a difficult task. The best baby girl crib bedding may be a mystery to you, but luckily I’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you! When you’re finished reading this article you’ll surely be the newest expert in the world of baby bedding.

What suits a baby girl better than Ponies?

This 9 piece set includes everything you need to get started; the crib blanket, bumper, sheets, skirt, valances, diaper stacker, toy bag, and a throw pillow. With charming and detailed embroidery of ponies, flowers and horseshoes this baby girl bedding set is almost as cute as the baby you’ll put in it! With one hundred percent cotton this crib bedding will be soft to the touch for you and your baby.

Choosing the Material

There’s a few options to choose from when it comes to baby bedding. This may seem like an easy decision for you or I, but babies are hypersensitive when compared to grown adults. What might not irritate you could irritate a babies delicate skin. Read through choosing a material to make sure you get the right one for your baby.

Cotton – Pure cotton baby girl bedding is a very light and breathable piece of material. Circulation is a breeze with this material as it’s light enough to keep its cool on hot days while able to keep one warm on cold days. Being hypoallergenic, if you find your child is overly sensitive to materials this would be a great choice of crib sheets.

Cotton sheets are known to be easy to wash but unfortunately wrinkle quite easily, though overall washing and taking care of them will be a relatively easy task.

The quality and softness of cotton sheets are determined by their thread count. Simply put, the higher the thread count the softer the sheets will feel. New sheets may also seem a bit rougher at first, but over time these baby girl crib sheets will soften into their natural form

For those of you who are concerned with harsh chemical softeners many companies use, try opting for organic cotton crib bedding.

So to quickly recap on cotton bedding sheets.

Charming High Quality ‘Pony’ Cotton sheets!


Great for varying temperatures
Strong and long lasting
Cleaning and maintenance is very easy
Easily found and purchased/Tons of options
Most cotton, especially organic cotton, is hypoallergenic


Easily creates and holds wrinkles
Is possible to be much more expensive than other crib options
Low quality cotton baby bedding could shrink in size after washing
Click the link in the right sidebar (at the top of this page) to finish this in depth guide and see some examples of different materials.

Want to make your own sheets? Take a look at this easy to follow tutorial to make your own baby bedding for girls


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