Choosing right Baby Girl Crib Bedding Sets for your cute baby

Putting a girl’s nursery together can be a pain. Not only do you have to get high quality materials for your baby bedding to be comfortable, you probably want it to have a functional and appealing design. Though fear not! Baby girl crib bedding sets make this challenge a lot simpler, because we know you have enough to worry about.

This full baby girl bedding set comes with 13 pieces – everything you need to have your nursery up and running.This full baby girl bedding set comes with 13 pieces – everything you need to have your nursery up and running.

These bedding sets have all the essentials you need to create the perfect stylish nursery, but there are still a few things you should keep in mind when looking for the best baby girl crib bedding sets. Thankfully I’ve made the last step a bit easier for you by creating an easy to follow guide when choosing the perfect baby girl bedding set.

Here’s some commonly asked questions when people are looking for bedding sets.

What are Baby Girl Crib Bedding sets anyways?

Crib bedding sets are basically a complete set of sheets and pillows for your crib (some even include matching toys and animal-shaped pillows). They most often come with at least the baby crib sheets, pillows, crib skirt and some baby girl bedding sets come with up to 20 items. So they have you set for just about anything you could possibly be looking for.

Do I need more than one Crib Bedding Set?

Nope – the bedding sets are just that – complete sets. They most often have all the essential items you would need to furnish your crib. While I do suggest you look for a set with at least two or three crib sheets, as it’s easy to swap them out and clean when one or two get dirty.

How to Choose the Best Baby Girl Crib Bedding Set

The most important part of any set is the fabric quality. Crib sheets and pillow material is the most important, many of the extra essentials are for looks or added comfort.

What is the optimal thread count for Baby Sheets?

Generally speaking the higher the thread count is the softer the fabric will be. Thread count refers to the actual amount of fabric threads in the sheet per square inch. The higher the number the softer the sheet.
Anything under 200 threads I would avoid, 300 is nice and cozy, 400 + is pure luxury.

What does Weave mean in Baby Girl Crib Bedding Sets?

The weave refers to how the blanket is made. Weaving can affect both the durability and softness of any blanket and often is one of two distinct weaving patterns. The standard pattern is one stitch over one stitch under – a classic sowing pattern. The sateen weave consists of four stitches over and one under. This particular stitch is less durable than the standard and may have a lesser lifespan, but it makes up for it with an incredible softness.

The difference between Fitted and Non-fitted Sheets

The difference here is that fitted sets have an elastic to firmly and securely tuck into the baby mattress. It’s the most common choice for both baby sheets and adult sheets.
Non-fitted sheets are just blankets which are tucked underneath the mattress. These are less and less popular due to the fact they can sometimes come loose and bundle themselves up around the baby.

The Perfect Size for Crib Sheets

The size and amount of extras in one of these bedding sets is up to you. The essentials are only around 4 pieces, while if you want everything for convenience sake there’s about 18-20 pieces in the larger sets. The size of the sheets however varies depending one what sort of mattress you have. Portable crib mattresses are often thinner than regular mattresses, so if you decide on using a non-fitted sheet it will most likely have a lot of excess loose fabric. There are portable specific baby bedding sheets, but are often harder to find.

Temperature Specific Baby girl Crib Bedding sets

When you’re looking to get a bedding set keep in mind the environment and temperature you’re in. This will be a big part in your material decision and your baby’s temperature.

The Best Bet is Usually Cotton

Cotton is great for hot weather. It’s breathable and allows circulation for your baby, keeping the little one nice and cool on hot days. Even when the temperature gets a bit cooler, cotton is able to keep them warm.
If the temperature really drops – consider getting a thick flannel. Flannels great to keep them nice and toasty in the colder winter environments.

Baby Girl Bedding Sets Style and Decor

Most people like having a nice matching nursery and thankfully baby bedding sets make this easier. The bigger the set the easier it is to have a fully picked out matching style for you. Some sets even come with toys and wall art so your baby can sleep in style.

Maintaining and Caring for your Baby Girl Bedding Sets

You spent money purchasing a new baby set, so follow these tips to keep it around for the long haul through proper care and maintenance.
Firstly, wash all your new sheets. Sometimes dust and extra fabric pieces are still on the sheets, so give it a first wash before using it to make sure your baby isn’t breathing in those loose fabric particles.

Kill any germs

If your babies been sick thoroughly wash all the sheets often to kill and germ remnants hiding in the sheets or fabric.
If your baby is under the weather, wash the sheets frequently
If your baby’s been sick its always wise to wash all your baby bedding to rid it of any nasty germs that could be covering the fabrics.

Wash those sheets correctly!

Washing different materials and different bedding set brands require different washing procedures. Not following specific wash settings could end up either damaging the sheets or significantly reducing the lifespan of them. While it can vary wildly brand to brand, here’s some advice which generally holds true in most situations.

The Wash Cycle

Washing your fabrics once a week will rid them of any hidden or stubborn dirts (not to mention other messes). Try warm or cold water to avoid shrinking the sheets as hot water may in fact excessively shrink the sheets over time. your sheets, so try and use warm and cold water when possible.

The Drying Cycle

If you take the sheets out before they’re completely dry you will actually be able to significantly reduce the amount of wrinkles. However make sure that they’ve dried completely before throwing them in any sort of storage or you may end up with some mold of mildew build up.

Storing the Bedding

Avoid storing you sheets in any area that could have moisture or build moisture. Stick with the closets or drawers to make sure they stay nice and clean.

The End of the Baby Girl Bedding Set

After a while all this washing and drying will begin to wear on any sheets. Even though you may get a high quality and thread count sheet, that too will eventually need replacing. The good news is you will usually be able to visually see when the time has come. Frayed fabric or excessive stains are usually the first sign. Frayed fabric is often a sure sign you should replace your sheets as you don’t want your little baby girl chewing on that!

Need some help setting everything up? Check out this video for some guidance on setting up a nursery.


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