How to choose a cute baby girl crib bedding

It’s hard to choose a cute baby girl crib bedding, especially one that will be as cute as your little girl. However I’ve made things a bit easier for you by listing a few of the most popular and highest quality crib bedding available today along with a short guide on what to look for in the perfect baby girl crib bedding.

Before I get to in-depth with materials and options for you baby girl crib bedding, let me answer a few of the more common questions people ask.

What is Baby Girl Crib Bedding?

Crib bedding is essentially the same as normal bedding except a much smaller size to fit a crib-sized mattress.

How many crib bedding sets will I need?

It’s always good to get at least 2 sets of crib sheets. In doing this you’ll be able to have a separate clean set while the other one is being cleaned in the wash. Personally I go with at least 3 sets of sheets in case there’s a messy mistake before I get around to finish cleaning.

What to look for when Buying Baby Girl Crib Bedding

What thread count should I get for my crib bedding?

The term ‘thread count’ is referencing the actual amount of fabric (thread) per square inch of baby bedding. This means that as the thread count number goes up the baby girl bedding will become heavier and softer.
In terms of actual numbers anything under 200 threads will be rough and anything over 400 will be very soft. Around 300 is generally more affordable and still feels soft.

How Weave is Important to Baby Girl Crib Bedding

Weave is a term referring to how the actual threads are put together creating the baby bedding. There’s a lot of different ways that this can be done, each way creating a different level of softness and longevity in the fabric. Two of the most common and notable weave types are the standard weave and the sateen weave.

The standard weave is what you would expect – the standard sowing pattern. On stitch over and one stitch under for the whole crib sheet. This is a very durable and time tested weave.
The sateen weave is four stitches over and one stitch under. While less durable, this particular pattern has a much softer feel too it. These sheets are tightly fitted with a Parisian pink skirt

Fitted vs. Non-fitted Baby Girl Crib Bedding

Fitted baby girl crib bedding will have elastic in the sheet itself allowing it to easily secure the to the corners of the mattress, often the most common under layer of sheets for adult bedding. Non-fitted baby bedding is a regular sheet (no elastic) and is really just a regular sheet you would sleep under.

Though I would recommend fitted sheets over loose sheets. While not common, loose sheets could break loose and wrap around a baby – again not common but an unnecessary risk.

The Perfect Size of Baby Bedding

The size of your baby girl crib bedding depends on the size of your crib mattress. A thinner mattress, common with portable crib mattresses, will require a tighter fitting sheet. A non-fitted sheet in this case would sit very loose. While there are bedding sets made specifically for a portable crib mattress, they are a bit harder to find and may take a bit of extra searching.

Temperature Specific Crib Bedding

When choosing a crib bedding materials you’ll want to keep in mind what sort of temperature they were made for. This will play a big part in your baby’s temperature – too hot, too cold, or just right.

Cotton is often a go to for any sort of hot weather. It’s known for allowing great air circulation and will aid in having your baby stay nice and cool. A more robust flannel sheet will be a better choice for low temperatures, keeping body heat in for those cold winter months.

Baby Bedding Styling

Keep the style of your nursery in mind – match colors and any sort of theme you have created. Complimenting items and bedding will keep the nursery theme clean and trendy.

Caring for your baby girl bedding

Here’s a few tips to keep your baby girl crib bedding alive and kicking for a long time.

Wash any newly purchased crib sheets

Washing new sheets will rid them of any materials or extra dye that managed to stay on them after manufacturing. This will help clean them and avoid any unnecessary floating fabrics your baby could breath in.

If your baby is under the weather, wash the sheets frequently

If your baby’s been sick its always wise to wash all your baby bedding to rid it of any nasty germs that could be covering the fabrics.

Follow the Washing Instructions

Depending on the material of the crib sheets its wise to follow the instructions laid out on the tag. If you don’t follow what they say it could either damage the sheets or significantly reduce the lifespan of them. While they vary depending on the brand, here’s a few common instructions on washing baby bedding for girls.


Wash the sheets once per week at least to get rid of any building dirt or other mess. Hot water can shrink your sheets, so try and use warm and cold water when possible.


Remove the sheets after a tumble dry before they have dried completely. This will significantly reduce wrinkles in the sheets, but make sure they’ve dried completely before putting them away.

Storing the Sheets

Put your unused sheets into a closet or other space. Don’t put them in an area or plastic containers which may attract moisture, this could results in mold or other nasty negative effects.

Replace those bad boys!

Since baby girl crib bedding has to be washed often they will need to be replaced sooner than regular sheets. While getting a high quality bedding will last you longer, every crib sheet will need to be replaced eventually. You’ll visually see when they need to be replaced, and any frayed fabric is a sure sign. You’r baby could chew on these protruding fabrics so be sure to know when its time to swap them out.

Are you more of a do-it-yourself’er? Try following along this video to learn how to make your own crib sheets.


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